Permanent Valve Seat Solution

  • Valve seat repair
  • Exhaust port repair
  • Plumber's intake thread repair
  • Motor mount repair
  • Panhead valve cover thread repair
  • Fin replacement
  • Head gasket area resurfacing

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Head Hog specializes in valve seat restoration specific to 1948-1965 Harley Davidson cylinder Heads, but in addition, we service later model heads also.
We are interested in preserving the antique motorcycles and have been for 20 years.

Our Valve seat restoration is a permanent repair and enables customers and shop owners to keep their original cylinder heads in service rather than to spend a fortune on after-market products.

By employing our service, a more authentic restoration is the end result.

Our process brings your cylinder heads back to their original factory specifications and operating efficiency. Our proprietary metallic overlay process builds upon the existing seat and renders shifting and dislodging of the valve seat virtually impossible.

Stages of Repair

stages of repair

Other Services

  • Engine Case Repair
  • Transmission Case Repair
  • Primary Cover Repair
  • Kicker Cover Repair

We are fully tooled and fully fixtured for exacting results.

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Head Hog
does not use
heli-coils for thread repairs.

Quality parts used in Restoration:
Rowe guides
Rowe valves
Manley valves


Every job is customized to your specific needs. So call or email us for technical support and questions.

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